Café Koya

Café Koya

Order a cake!

Our cakes have less sugar than usual and produce the flavors of the natural ingredients. Feel free to order a cake by calling or emailing us. Please let us know if you have any allergies or special orders.

6 pieces, 8 pieces or 12 pieces

Phone: 072-208 36 25

Matcha layered cake

Matcha crepe cake with matcha cream.

Eggs Gluten Lactose

Matcha cream cake

Soft and fluffy matcha spongecake with matcha cream and fresh fruit.

Eggs Gluten Lactose

Japaneese cheesecake

Very light cheesecake that is juicy and fluffy, baked in a water bath.

Eggs Lactose Glutenfree

Sakura cheesecake

A raw cherryblossom cheesecake with a very summery and fresh taste.

Eggs Gluten Lactose Gelatine


Soft and fluffy spongecake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

Eggs Gluten Lactose